Alaska halibut fishing in the waters of the “Halibut Capital of the World”

halibut fishing in Alaska

Are you looking for the most challenging fishing sport in the country? Then you definitely need to be in Homer, Alaska to experience Alaska halibut fishing. Known as the “Halibut Capital of the World”, Alaska is home to the world’s biggest game fish, the Alaskan Halibut. Full day, half day and long range (overnight fishing trips) Homer halibut charters and Seward halibut charters are available to the extreme outdoorsman who would like to experience the best of what Alaska has to offer.

Where to find Alaska halibut fishing charter trips

The famous Alaskan halibut is the most famous game fish in the waters of Homer, Alaska. Homer is a small fishing village located at the tip of the Kenai Peninsula and sportsmen who experience Alaska halibut fishing come back year after year to Homer. And when you love to fish for this amazing game, you need to book fishing guides and fishing charters for your trip.
Fishing charters like Homer halibut charters are needed in every successful fishing trip if you want to land the biggest halibut of the day or the largest catch of the season. Special fishing charters offer the best fishing equipment, the most efficient fishing guides, complete radar and communications equipment and all the supplies and necessary equipment that you will need in your fishing trip. As mentioned, there are full day, half day and long range fishing trips that await serious fishermen; and if you are interested in landing the largest halibut of the season, then better start booking today. Fishing charters are always fully booked so when fishing season bookings open by January to May, take time to book earlier than the rest.

Alaska halibut fishing the best sport fishing challenge in the world

Any serious Alaska halibut fishing enthusiast knows that one of the biggest sport fishing challenges in the world is also from Homer, Alaska and this is the one and only Homer Halibut Derby. The largest halibut caught on record is a 332 lbs lunker by Jerald Davenport from Murray, Utah. Davenport does not fish alone; he rents out charter boats and guides to help get him his amazing catch. Up to this day, Davenport’s halibut is still undefeated.
The Homer Jackpot Derby is world famous and has made several records when it comes to the largest halibut ever caught. Currently, the average weight of fish caught and declared a winner is 320.8 lbs increasing the average range of winning halibuts from 262.0 to a whopping 376.0 lbs. Recreation fishing as well as commercial fishing and fishing for subsistence is currently the best in Alaska with not just large halibuts waiting but also salmon, trout, shellfish and crabs. It is named as the last great fishing destination in the United States and if you are serious about game fishing, then your destination will always be Alaska.

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