A complete guide to Alaska Fishing Trips

chum salmon fishing in alaska


There are different types of Alaska fishing trips, which is why it often gets confusing for many vacationers. However, it is entirely up to the discretion of the vacationers to the type of Alaska fishing vacation they want. There is nothing better, than floating in a boat, and basking in the light sunlight, and of course catching the fish. In fact, Alaska seems like the ideal place for fishing, because it has a variety of wildlife, and different water areas. These water areas have a rich variety of fishes of different species. More importantly, Alaska is widely recognized as the perfect area for salmon fishing.

Salmon Fishing

Salmon fishing can also be done on the shores of Alaska, and therefore, many people come for Alaskan fishing trips primarily for this purpose. There are different varieties of salmon, which includes Alaska King Salmon, Alaska Silver Salmon, and Alaska Chum Salmon among many others. The King Salmon is extremely heavy, weighing some 50-lb. Therefore, if you are prepared to fight a battle against this heavy creature, then you should definitely book a trip near some lodge, which has salmon fishing.

How to prepare yourself for the trip?

Many of the people, who will be coming for vacations in Alaska for fishing, would face three main problems, which will include rain, mosquitoes and other insects, and of course bears. You need to be prepared to tackle this problem, so that your trip is not ruined. Make sure you take mesh clothing and mosquito repellant with you, when you are coming to Alaska. Mosquitoes are part of the life in Alaska, so you will have to get used to dealing with this problem, during your trip. Make sure you carry some rain suits, so that you can handle rain effectively. While you may be put off by your trip at the bare mention of a bear, you should understand that you will hardly find a bear. However, if you do, quietly move way and NEVER feed a wild bear. You will merely be attracting attention to yourself, as a fresh piece of meat for the bear in that way.

What to bring to the trip?

First of all, make sure that you get the fishing license at least, one month before your vacation starts. You need to go the Alaska Department of Fish and Game website and register there, and apply for the license. If you are planning to fish for King Salmon, ensure that you get a stamp for King Salmon, as well. Do not forget to bring the licenses to your trip. Since you are already interested in fishing, and would know much about it, you will need to carry all the necessary fishing equipment. Make sure that you do not bring a net. You can simply purchase one in Alaska. Get sunglasses and hat, as well as rain gear, because you never know what might happen to the weather.

Where to stay?

There are different types of lodges in Alaska. It is all a matter of preference. You can choose the one, which is near the type of water area, where you want to fish. You will probably have to charter your own boat. Look for different Alaska fishing charters online, and try to make the most affordable, yet convenient selection. Alaska fishing packages may also include lodging, while offering a nice place to fish, as well as a boat to charter. You really have to do your own research and find out what option suits you the most.


The trip may turn out to be the best one in your life. Do not skimp out, and bring out the true fisher in you!

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