Alaska Fishing: Planning Exciting and Memorable Vacation

Grayling fishing in Alaska

The gorgeous sceneries of various Alaskan wildlife and limitless water areas are a perfect place of rejuvenation and relaxation from the daily urban routine. It’s a unique region that is known for its diverse fish species which attract many enthusiasts from all over the world to try their luck in exciting Alaska fishing. Besides the natural wealth, the state can boast great facilities built especially for anglers and tourists. Experienced guides and fishermen will assist in your first fishing tries and contribute to the best impressions about Alaskan people.

If you are looking for a fresh breath of cool wind and unforgettable memories you definitely have to start planning your first Alaska adventure. There is nothing to worry about if you can’t tell alaskan halibut from alaskan salmon and have no idea how to use a fishing rod. After your sportfishing vacation in the largest state of the US that encompasses many unique fish species you are bound to obtain some basic (if not excellent) angling skills.

Alaska Fishing Trip Checklist

To spend high quality time and fully enjoy the legendary sportfishing without distractions discuss and plan your family trip beforehand (there is a lot to consider and choose from). We hope that the following suggestions will be handy for your Alaska fishing.

  1. First of all you have to decide on the water body. Diverse relief and environment of Alaska offers various opportunities regarding fishing: the deep sea, tidewater, mountain lakes and inland streams. When choosing a water body you also choose the fish species. If you are eager to join Alaska trout fishing or dreaming about pursuing schools of alaskan salmon, you need to choose freshwater. If your desirable trophy is a monstrous alaskan halibut, the deepwater Pacific offshore tours will help you in your hunt. There is also an opportunity to combine both freshwater and salt fishing in some areas of Southcentral Alaska.
  2. The fishing style you are going to use can immediately exclude some of the destinations, since different water objects require different fishing approach. You need to figure out whether you prefer spin and fly fishing style or you prize sitting or even sleeping in the boat waiting for your bobber to go down.
  3. To be on the safe side and to save your time and effort you may buy one of the popular Alaska fishing packages, offering the best opportunities for everyone: from novices to professionals, from single anglers to couples, families and groups. Being a real Mecca for fishermen, the state can boast modern facilities and amenities which quality can meet the requirements of the most demanding customers. The package will definitely include staying in Alaska lodges, which are great overnight accommodations for tourists. These are affordable and feature all common facilities needed for rest and relaxation. The travel agencies may also offer you joining exciting Alaska fishing charters. Participating in original sportfishing will introduce you to the true world of fishermen’s lives.

Fishing on Your Own

alaskan king salmon

On the other hand, for various reasons, you may want to organize self-catered trip instead of booking a package. This will help you to save some money as well as to schedule your ideal vacation. To succeed in latter, you will need to do a considerable homework doing your own research on Alaska fishing. Below is a checklist you may want to look at if you are planning to enjoy fishing on your own:

  • Proper equipment. It is vital for successful fishing. There are three scenarios for this: you may already have some equipment; you are going to rent it; you are going to buy it. Some simple calculations will help you to figure out if it is worth going on your own or booking a trip.
  • Itinerary. If you are good in maps reading, have some hiking and camping experience and know what compass is you have nothing to worry about. But if you have any orientation troubles we would not recommend you to rely completely on your own skills and to estimate your chances wisely. For your information, there exist ready routes for tourists and fishermen, the access to which is free and quite comprehensible. Following one of the already existing paths you will minimize your chances to get lost in the captivating sceneries of the state.
  • Accommodation. The most popular and affordable solution are the aforementioned Alaska lodges. These are very unique facilities, since they stand out among other accommodations because of their rustic style. The Native Alaskan decorations and cozy furnishing will bring you close to nature as much as possible without sacrificing comfort aspects. Some of the lodges owners may offer a private riverfront nearby so that you can enjoy Alaska fishing without crowds of tourists. It would be great and safe for you to book them beforehand, since there can be no free lodges at the time of your arrival. Another option are hotels. Again, simple calculation will show you the benefits and disadvantages of each option.

These are just a few general recommendations on your vacation planning, but besides these, there are many other things to consider when planning Alaska fishing trip. Don’t hurry when choosing the package or booking lodges, do your own research to make sure the offered facilities will meet your interests.

alaskan northern pike

Even if your fish catch happened to be poor, the breathtaking Alaskan sceneries will not leave you indifferent. The wide open spaces of pristine nature worth going there. There is always plenty to do besides fishing. The state is also known for its numerous population of bears. It is a home to 98% of all brown bears of the country. Viewing bears in the wild can be as exciting as fishing. There are special bear viewing opportunities in National Parks offering safe activities. Don’t hesitate to visit one when you will want to have some rest from fishing. If you are a person who simply enjoys the wonders and beauties of nature, the Great Land of Alaska welcomes you any time of the year offering you fun and adventurous vacation.